Dean vlog: message specially for the students

Gerrit Averesch, the dean of School for Engineering and Automotive, has a message specially for the students. Subtitles in English!

Gerrit: “I am also working at home in a tiny room from 2.5 by 2.5 meter. I imagine a student working in his/her room, next to the hot PC all day. And for the people who are watching and wondering what they all see in my room, I’ve got a 3D printer over here which is running almost all day. That’s amazing and keeps the work fun.”

The message continues about the lockdown and the end of your exam period. Soon your next semester will start and it will start in a lockdown period. No measures will be repealed which means that the HAN will only be open for practical classes, for exams and for students who are in need of extra support. For practical classes and exams you’ll see on your schedule when you are expected to be at the HAN. All other classes and activities will take place online.

Are you in need of extra support because at home or in your student room you don’t have sufficient technical support, because of limited options or do you need some personal support? Please contact your personal tutor to discuss the possibilities at the HAN because we really want you to be able to continue your study, no matter how difficult that currently is. We will try as much as we can to facilitate this and to help you out where needed. It is far from ideal, we all realise that but we try the best we can.

Gerrit tells also something about the rebuilding of Ruitenberglaan 29. What is also going to happen soon is a national measurement for quality of education, the so called ‘Nationale Studenten Enquete’(National Student Survey). “I would like to ask you to fill out this survey because it is an important measure for our positioning in the education sector of the Netherlands. The National Student Survey is mainly focussed on the external world while the University Mirror (another survey) is a measure we use to immediately change/improve our education. So please fill both of them out in all honesty.”

To conclude this Vlog (recorded at 15 January 2021) the dean wants to show his compassion with you. Subtitles are in English!