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Apollo 3D: Industries

The 3D printing has developed significantly over the past years and can now perform crucial roles in many applications, with the most important being manufacturing, medicine, architecture, custom art and design. At Apollo 3D we strive to produce products of high strength and quality for the following industries: Deze posting in het Nederlands Aerospace & Aeronautics The Aerospace Industry is […]

Apollo 3D: Products en Services

Many different 3D printing variants have been created over the years, and some of them have also disappeared. Different process variants of 3D printing are used at Apollo 3D. One of them is the so-called process variant material extrusion. Deze posting in het Nederlands Material extrusion is characterized by techniques that selectively deposit material through a nozzle or so-called extrusion […]

Apollo 3D: High temperature 3D printer for high quality polymers

Technology is for everyone! How can we ensure that technology really works for people and that it contributes. Contributes to productivity, simply offers pleasure, or helps people with a physical disability to participate better in society: these are the motives of Apollo 3D. Deze posting in het Nederlands Developing a prototype In daily (work)life, Research & Development (R&D) is seen […]