MORE Vehicle: Modular research vehicle by Automotive Engineering students

How do you design and build a vehicle that bridges the gap between theoretical simulation and practical application? Good solutions to test developments and ideas quickly and easily. This is exactly what a group of Automotive Engineering students will do in the semester 6 project MORE (Modular Research) vehicle.

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About MORE Vehicle


MORE vehicle is a new international project in which from the start of the project work is being done on building a vehicle, inspired by the idea of ​​the Thyssenkrupp Modular Research Platform.

In the automotive industry, there are constant innovative developments and technological improvements being explored for implementation in all types of vehicles. With the ongoing trends in automated mobility towards which the industry is leaning, more and more new functions and technologies are required, such as autonomous driving (vehicles that participate in traffic independently), alternative power sources and detailed testing to determine their safety and affordability .

In this project, a modular research vehicle is being built that bridges the gap between simulating and building a vehicle that can later be used in the Automotive sector. In this project, many different parties will learn together by doing.
The first step is to design and build the base of this vehicle, which consists of three components: a front, center and rear section. The vehicle becomes modular because you can quickly and easily exchange these components and examine different components.


Vision MORE Vehicle


As mentioned, it is important to build a bridge between simulation and application in practice, learning by doing. The vision of this project is therefore to make the vehicle available for research, education and companies. For example, you can think of supplementing a theory lesson about wheel suspension by looking in practice with the vehicle to see what the differences between them are. In addition, it can also serve as a bridge between companies, but also internships, minors and masters that can jointly research and test new innovations so that they can later be used in the automotive industry.


Our team


Business Management.


Joost de Boer










“My name is Joost, I was born on March 18, 1998 in Badhoevedorp. I am a young passionate Automotive engineering student with a passion for cars and football. My final specialization is business management and I did a minor in change management. Two days a week I work as a car mechanic in a garage, I have been doing this for 6 years. Through my technical knowledge through my work and diploma as an auto mechanic and my business management specialization I can build a bridge between the engineering and the general purpose of the MORE project.”


Melissa Timmers










“My name is Melissa, I am 19 years old and I come from Etten-Leur. In my spare time I like to be outside for sports, especially tennis. I also like socializing with friends, theme parks and new challenges such as learning a new language. In the MORE team I am part of the business management team. This means that all matters from PR, marketing, finance to overseeing a team are arranged by me and my teammate. Together with my MORE teammates, I am motivated to make it a successful project!”


Middle section


Folke den Besten










“I am Folke. I am 22 years old and in 2021 I will participate in the HAN MORE project. This semester I am the department leader of the frame / middle section department. I am currently in my 3rd year of the Automotive course, with a final specialization in Structural Design. In my spare time I often work on my vehicles or welding for my own company.”


Tim Engel










“My name is Tim and I am 21 years old. I am a real beta and I already have some experience with Solid works. That is why at MORE I will work with my department to design and calculate the chassis of the middle section. After a hard day’s work, I am always in for fun; eating, playing a game or exercising with people.”


Luc Witbreuk










“My name is Luc, I am 22 years old and a third-year student at HAN Automotive. My hobbies are sports and meeting friends. I live in Haaksbergen with my parents, sister and dog. I work in a garage where we install radios, alarm systems, audio systems, cameras and troubleshoot electrical problems. I joined the MORE project because it seems like a real challenge to design a car from scratch. I like to draw in Solid works and would like to design a frame and calculate whether the frame is strong enough, so I joined the middle frame sub team. I look forward to working together to have a good frame made by the end of the project.”


Kelvin Reijersen










“My name is Kelvin and within this project I specialize in manufacturing. Within this I am involved in producing the middle frame and the techniques that come with it. In addition to my training, I like to drive a quad and I am working on my own company KR Overkappingen.”


Tom Hubers










“My name is Tom and I am co-responsible for the design of the waist frame. My main task within the frame design is to make a connection between the front / rear side and the frame itself. I have chosen to design this connection myself because this is a very practical design, during the design process the quick connection and disconnection of the various parts must be taken into account. I am a third-year HAN student who has just completed his first internship. During this internship I gained a lot of practical knowledge that I want to use within the MORE project. This is how I found out that the structural design specialization is the specialization for me, which gives me a lot of passion and motivation to dedicate myself to the MORE project.”


Suspension and steering


Justin Odijk










“My name is Justin and I am responsible for the suspension of the MORE vehicle. As a mechanic by origin, I look forward to designing the system rather than replacing the parts! I am 23 years old and I love working on and designing cars. I am in the third year of my Automotive Engineering education and hope to put all the knowledge of the past years into practice in this project.”


Ivan Akhaya Wiranata Kusuma










“My name is Ivan, I am 20 years old and I am from Jakarta, Indonesia. I joined the MORE project team in semester 6. I am part of the suspension and steering department and my job is to design the braking system for the vehicle we are going to build. In my own time I like to travel and sports activities.”


Jaimy Eenkhoorn










“My name is Jaimy and I am 25 years old. I started studying automotive engineering after getting my mbo-4 automotive engineering diploma. In my spare time I like to work and tinker with cars. My task for this project is to contribute to the design for the suspension and steering.”


Mantas Gaidamavicius










“My name is Mantas. I am from Panevezys, Lithuania. I am 21 years old. I came straight from school to HAN. As a hobby, I like to waste my time tinkering with random mechanisms and other fun stuff like that. To date, I have completely dismantled and reassembled two scooters (one two stroke, one four stroke) in terms of ongoing projects. I have a vintage Russian motorcycle (1969 izh planeta-2) that was completely demolished before my departure to the Netherlands and sent to two different corners of the country to have it professionally repainted and the engine rebuilt. Hopefully the bike will be ready to be reassembled on my return in the summer.”




Bastiaan Starrenburg










“I am Bastiaan, 19 years old and a student at HAN Automotive. For the MORE project I am part of the driveline sub team. What I like to do in my spare time is play soccer, play games with my friends and of course be busy with cars. I expect a top project with the rest of the enthusiastic student group and I am very driven to do a good job.”


Octavian Olariu









“My name is Octavian, I am a 3rd year automotive student. I am part of the MORE project where I will be working for the drivetrain of the vehicle. I have previous experience with such a job as I worked on the HFS-05 car drivetrain last year. My passions are: cars, leadership, entrepreneurship and sports.”



Samantha Caballero









“I am Samantha and I am from Mexico. Since I started my career in the automotive industry, I have been fascinated by all the different ways to improve mobility with automation and smart systems, which is why I specialize in vehicle electronics and system control. My main goal is to learn more about this field and to implement this knowledge in projects such as MORE where I can design and develop an electric powertrain and steering system for a modular vehicle so that future teams can improve it and learn through future trends to fit into the automotive sector.”