Make your vlog about experiences on work placement

Student wanted to make a short vlog with their own phone about their experiences on work placement for the new inflow of students.


What would our new students like to see?

E.g. introduce your company, and introduce yourself and your assignment, and tell them how you are going to do that? Or have you already tackled it? Which technique do you use? What makes the assignment so much fun? Or difficult. Which challenges are you facing?

TIP from a student

An A-4 call behind your phone with keywords works fine: have this stuck behind the phone and you could record yourself and read the keywords under the camera to shoot a fluent movie!

Ask a fellow student/colleague to interview you

Why? Why not? Useful for PR of yourself and for your company! Also nice for HAN as PR material.

Target time?

Maximal 4 minutes.


1 November 2020, because we have to put it on the HAN site.

Any questions?