Digital hustle and bustle at the Minor Market

Rummage in another study programme through a minor? Or would you prefer to deepen your knowledge within your own study programme? With a minor you can go in any direction!

PAY ATTENTION! Registrations for the minors is open from 1 March to 31 March 2021.

On 23 February 2021, HAN organised a Minor Market that has been visited by at least 100 students according to the web statistics. The market was mainly focussed on technical and science academies that are located in Arnhem.

The online crowds appeared to be comparable to the number of visitors during the physical Minor market. We’re happy to see that you’ve also managed to find your way digitally! A variation of sessions was offered like information presentations, Q&A’s, video’s, digital tours and an online walk-in class.

Engineering and Automotive Minors
We have listed the relevant minors especially for Engineering and Automotive students. This enables you to read through the information again:

Automotive Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering / Embedded Systems Engineering

Technical Engineering and Management

Mechanical Engineering

Preparation for the Master Engineering Systems

Will my minor commence?

Based on the number of registrations, it will be determined whether  or not your chosen minor has sufficient potential to commence. This will be analysed at the beginning of April.

Is there a draw?

Yes, a situation that requires drawing lots may arise. This is most likely for the most popular minors. If this is the case for the minor of your choice, you will be informed about this by email between 1 April and 12 April at the latest.