Bycicle on hydrogen: The Hydrocargo Bike


What is the necessity of an environmentally friendly cargo bike? Don’t we already have electric cargo bikes?

More and more cities are looking for sustainable solutions for urban distribution. A hydrogen cargo bike offers more advantages than electrical cargo bikes, according to the builders of Alles over Waterstof. This project is coordinated by them in joint implementation with the HAN Research Group for Sustainable Energy and cargo bike manufacturer Urban Arrow. Project owner Ruben Bruins, researcher Leo Polak and two graduates, Mika Damen and Roy Bos, are involved in the development of the technology on behalf of the HAN Research Group. Mika is student Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Embedded Systems Engineering) and Roy is studying Mechanical Engineering.

What is the goal?

In practice, it appears that cargobikes have a very limited range, especially in Arnhem with its hills. The project members want to try to increase that range with hydrogen.


Is there any interest yet?

Hell yes! The Groene Rijders (Green Drivers) want to deliver parcels in Arnhem; from light loads such as flowers, to a cargo bike loaded with books. They approached our project members because we already have experience with range extenders and hydrogen. We previously produced a hydrogen scooter and developed a hydrogen stove and barbecue and a hydrogen-powered drone.

In the HAN hydrogen lab on Kleefse Waard Industrial Estate in Arnhem, they are currently already working on a HydroCargo cargo bike that is powered by hydrogen. When it’s ready to hit the road, they will have another scoop in the capital of Gelderland!

The advantage of the Arnhem setup is that in the future we’ll be less dependent on lithium that is needed to produce batteries for e-bikes. Besides that, the fast refuelling speed is a big advantage and with hydrogen you have no capacity loss with cold weather and over time.

hydrogen_cargo_bikeFrom April, the cargo bike will be ready for the first practical tests by the Groene Rijders so there is a fair chance that citizens from Arnhem will encounter this innovative hydrogen cargo bike on the street.


You can follow the development of the HydroCargo Bike on

Sources: Alles over Waterstof, Tweewieler, Omroep Gelderland
Photography: Frank Mietes, Omroep Gelderland, Frank Oudegeest