Automotive is starting pilot with self-tests

Students may, if it is up to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, come back to the campus one day a week from 26 April when they have a negative self-test. De Gelderlander reports this. But everything will still depend on the final decision from the government.

Gerrit Averesch, dean of the School for Engineering and Automotive, adds: “Also without a corona test you may be allowed to come back to the HAN once a week (cabinet ruling on 20 April). A negative test is not necessary, we will just keep following RIVM-measures. So if you have symptoms, don’t come to the HAN and book a test with the GGD. A negative self-test and/or vaccination cannot and should not be admission ticket to education.”.

Self-test trial at Automotive Engineering

Last week, a trial with self-tests was started at Automotive Engineering at the HAN. Students who did a self-test at home and got a negative result are allowed to come back to the HAN to work on project assignment in the upcoming weeks. The HAN is trusting their students to take responsibility and stay home after a positive test. Students that are working on campus will NOT be asked for their test results. When being on campus, the RIVM corona measures still apply. For example, everyone should still stay one and a half meters apart.

Purpose of the pilot

The aim is to increase the well-being of students and investigating whether these self-tests can contribute to a safe restart of higher education. Researchers of the Radboud University and the Radboud UMC are investigating this using questionnaires.


Students who are eligible for practical workgroups were asked whether they would like to participate. About 400 students want to participate in this trial. According to a spokeswoman from the HAN, that’s about 30% of the students surveyed.

Source: HAN, De Gelderlander
Photography: Anna Shvets