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Many different 3D printing variants have been created over the years, and some of them have also disappeared. Different process variants of 3D printing are used at Apollo 3D. One of them is the so-called process variant material extrusion.

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Material extrusion is characterized by techniques that selectively deposit material through a nozzle or so-called extrusion opening. In order to form 3D structures with the deposited material, the filament must be fluid during deposition. Shortly after deposition, the material should have sufficient strength to hold its position and shape and to support the next layer. Often this means that the material is viscous when it leaves the nozzle.

The concept of a 3D printer is known worldwide. However, a 3D printer that makes products from high-quality polymers isn’t yet. Therefore, Apollo 3D is one of the first in the world to develop a 3D printer that can make such products. Our products have high mechanical, thermal and chemical properties which are quite equivalent to metal properties.


Design & Engineering

By Design & Engineering we mean the technical elaboration of the product design: preparing the product for production. Read more.


Data and Build Preparation

In contrast to production processes such as casting or injection molding, a short work preparation is required for 3D printing. Read more.


Design optimization

A number of things affect the quality of the product. In order to optimize the design as well as possible, these things must be well defined in advance. Read more. 


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