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The 3D printing has developed significantly over the past years and can now perform crucial roles in many applications, with the most important being manufacturing, medicine, architecture, custom art and design. At Apollo 3D we strive to produce products of high strength and quality for the following industries:

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Aerospace & Aeronautics

The Aerospace Industry is a great example of the utilization of 3D Printing with a clear value proposition and the ability to create parts that are lighter and stronger than those made using traditional manufacturing. This industry was an early adopter of 3D printing technology and still continues to contribute heavily to its development. Parts for the aerospace industry that are produced using 3D printing technology are manufactured in titanium, steel and plastic. The most famous example of a 3D printed product within this industry is the seat belt buckle as shown in the picture.



Within the automotive industry there are plenty of opportunities for 3D printing. For car and motorcycle technology 3D printing is very suitable. It is used to manufacture the optimal part for the highest performance requirements. In this industry 3D printing is used by car manufacturers to produce lighter, stronger and safer products. This means that there are shorter lead times less, stock and lower costs. 3D printed molds are a good alternative to the milled shapes that the automotive industry now uses. Another example is a prototype of a wing mirror as shown in the picture.



3D printing makes healthcare cheaper. It is therefore increasingly used within the medical world: from unique skulls and bones to medical instruments, devices and disposables. This technology is widely applicable within the medical field. Thanks to this technology dental technicians, researchers, surgeons and medical device manufacturers can work more efficiently and accurately. Besides that, the patient also benefits. For example, 3D printed patient-specific medical devices ensure that the procedure is more effective and efficient. In addition, even biological material, such as cells, can be printed piece by piece on top of each other in the desired shape. So 3D printing in healthcare is used for biological material such as cells, but also synthetic products such as hearing aids, teeth or prostheses. An example of a 3D-printed product is the so-called Oswab: a COVID-19 test stick, as shown in the picture.


Machinery & Equipment

The 3D printing technique is very suitable for use in the production of machines and parts because of the great properties of various 3D printing materials. Looking at the applications within this industry, you could think of housings, grippers, gears, pumps, valves and so on. Besides, using 3D printing the machines and equipment become cheaper. With smarter design you can ensure the machine requires fewer parts and is built lighter and more efficiently. For this, 3D printing is indispensable.


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