Apollo 3D: High temperature 3D printer for high quality polymers

Technology is for everyone! How can we ensure that technology really works for people and that it contributes. Contributes to productivity, simply offers pleasure, or helps people with a physical disability to participate better in society: these are the motives of Apollo 3D.

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Developing a prototype

In daily (work)life, Research & Development (R&D) is seen as one process. In reality, research into the basic principles can be separated from the implementation of technology in new products: developing a prototype. After that, the developed product is commercialized.

More and more companies are conducting research in collaboration with knowledge institutions or other companies because they no longer want to do all the work themselves: that’s when Apollo 3D comes into the picture.

About Apollo 3D

Apollo 3D was founded when a multidisciplinair team of students, with different educational backgrounds, came together to work on the project “building, testing and documenting a high temperature 3D printer for high quality polymers”. In addition to quality, it is also our goal to be able to produce strong products. For these reasons, Apollo 3D was chosen as company name: it means strength and quality.

The team consists of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and marketing managers. Because of this diversity, we can use each other’s knowledge to grow ourselves and Apollo 3D as well. We have gathered together our knowledge to create a unique 3D printer.

A high-quality 3D printer with which products of great diversity can be printed. These products are made from high-quality polymers that are injected by the extruder at a high temperature. By enabling this, products can be produced with high mechanical, thermal and chemical properties which are quite equivalent to metal properties. We are passionate technicians: we love to design and, above all, to innovate.

Introducing the Apollo 3D team:

Bram Smits

“Every individual has gifts and talents that can make a lasting impact. However, only a minority of people utilize those gifts and talents to live up to their full potential. Linking your gifts and talents with your personal purpose doesn’t only lead to a more successful career, but also a significant one. So I want to use this power to reach the top of 3D-Printing in the medical industry. To reach this goal I always keep in mind the magic formula:

PL= D * (W+C)^G, which means: Personal Leadership = Dare * (Want + Can) ^ Grant

According to my zodiac sign, Aquarius, taking charge is my passion. So a whole team can benefit from a good idea, to improve the medical industry and their personal development. I always surprise people, but it will also catch their attention and I’m currently studying Mechanical Engineering.”

Britt Wenting

“My name is Britt Wenting. I’m currently studying Communication Multimedia and Design or CMD in short. I like making visuals, challenging myself and broadening my horizons. My job is designing and applying graphic design for Apollo 3D. Such as putting together stickers, posters, the logo and much more.”


Evelien Vink

“I am Evelien Vink and I’m a third year Mechanical Engineering student at HAN University of Applied Sciences. Within this project I’ll focus on the Online Marketing and Communication. I think it’s interesting to find out how information is shared via websites. In addition, by processing all the information of the 3D printer, I also learn something about 3D printing technology and machine construction: two topics that interest me.”


Joëlle Winkel

“My name is Joëlle. My contribution to this project group is researching the different filaments that are used making products with the 3D printer. In addition, I will write reviews about the obtained filaments. Thereby, I will produce various components which are required for the 3D printer using 3D printing technology, laser cutting and CNC milling. What I like about this project is that it’s a real project. The result is not just something theoretical: it’s a 3D printing machine which can actually produce plastic products of the highest quality.”


Nick van Lambalgen

“My name is Nick van Lambalgen and I am 19 years old. I am an Electrical Engineering Student at HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem. During this project of the 3D printer, I am involved in the electrical connection of the entire 3D printer. I create the connection by means of self-designed electrical drawings made via EPLAN. I participate in this project thanks to Bram Smits. One day he told me about it and about the problems he was facing with the electronical side of it. I was eager to help him with this, so I put my time and effort into the project so that the printer is ultimately completed to a success.”


Rik Snelder

“My name is Rik Snelder, a third year Mechanical Engineering student at HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem. This 3D printer project started with my idea that over time has grown into a fully-fledged multidisciplinary project that I really love. My task within this project is to design the 3D printer and optimize all parts for the best results. Of course, this involves a lot of work and I am glad that fellow project members are also keen on helping out!”


Sander Geerlings

“I am Sander, an Electrical Engineering Student. I study Embedded Systems, meaning I study the behaviour and programming of the logical units within certain machines. I work with soft- and hardware. My scope within this project is to help with all the software debugging. Besides debugging, I will help with the connecting and adapting the electrical hardware. My goal is to make the system compliant with the specs of the controller board and make this controller work bug free.”


Stan Willems

“I am Stan Willems, a third year Mechanical Engineering student. Within this so-called free project of the 3D printer I make the business plan and the market- and customer research. It is a special project in which students rise above themselves by getting to know disciplines that are not taught at school. We are a group of students from a number of different courses, which improves the quality of the project.”

Owen Lentjes

“Hi, I am Owen Lentjes. I study Mechanical Engineering at the TU/e. In this project I mainly focus on a simulation of the hot end: the part that heads the filament. But I also help building the actual printer and testing all the hardware. These tasks help me to learn how to do simulations and give me insight the process of building a device, which are exactly the reasons why I do this project; to learn more about these aspects.”


To achieve the desired result, a high temperature 3D printer and various parts needed to be obtained. Therefore, Apollo3D has been sponsored by several companies. These companies wanted to contribute to the latest innovation of Do-It-Yourself high quality and affordable 3D printers for materials with high technical qualities. Since their products belong to the best in this industry, true and honest reviews of the products will be written. It concerns products of the following companies:

  • Alphacool International
  • De Isolatieshop
  • Duet3D
  • Dyze Design
  • FiberForce
  • igus
  • Keenovo
  • Kinkelder metal solutions BV
  • Noctua
  • Perdok
  • RS Components B.V.
  • W2 Filaments
  • WAGO


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